Best reasons to play lightning roulette

One of the most popular casino games both in a traditional casino and the online casino is the roulette wheel. This is a very simple game to play which is why it is very popular among both novice gamblers and people that are expert gamblers. Well move over, roulette. Lightning Roulette is here!

Many similarities occur between the two games. You can bet on several things such as what color the ball will land on, what that number the ball will land on, and also if the number is even or odd. Each one of these bets has their own odds and different probability of hitting the bet. However, the game is made more exciting with lightning numbers each round that offer x50 up to x500 times your bet. Here are some reasons that lightning roulette is a great game to play.

Get struck by lightning! (roulette)

The first good thing about this new version of roulette is the random lightning numbers. This is a very exciting add-on that can give you more adrenaline and also can create more profit from your gambling session if you hit the bet. The lightning numbers change every round with up to 5 lightning numbers active in a single spin.

Lightning Roulette dealer and lightning numbers
Example of a lightning number

Evolution Gaming is behind hit game Lightning Roulette. Hugely popular and experienced live casino providers, you can be assured gameplay is fast and smooth. All good online casinos should offer a live casino. Evolution is among the best live dealer gaming software out there, if not THE best.

Real life dealers

Another fun thing about this version of Roulette is the ability to talk to a live dealer on your table. Being able to talk to a live their life brings a social aspect to play online and also can give you a real-life casino experience that you would not otherwise have playing online. This is different from playing a game like slots because in slots you cannot talk to any dealer.

There is a very nice social aspect to this version of roulette because you can see what the other players are betting. You’ll also see what the other win amounts are. You can bring all of your friends to the online casino to bet big or bet small depending on how much risk you want to take.

The dealers are highly professional. They are also very helpful should you have any questions.

Lightning Numbers

Multiple lightning numbers can occur every round which means that there can be a very high payoff if you are able to hit that bet. Watching your friends play this version of roulette and in hitting a big bet is a lot of fun that anyone can enjoy.

Roulette has been a favorite of gamblers for a very long time. Roulette is becoming even more popular now that everyone has access to it from home. Lightning Roulette is a new version of the age-old popular game that creates more excitement. Win more money (if you’re lucky), and enjoy a very fun social aspect between you and your friends in the game. Mobile game play is also smooth and engaging.

Whenever you gamble online you should make sure that you gamble responsibly. Do not gamble any money that you cannot afford to lose. Make sure that you are using a website that is regulated and inspected by a gambling authority or a gambling commission. Ensure that the gaming is fair and also that your money is secure on the online casino website.

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