Most popular Red Tiger slots

Red Tiger is a leading provider of online casino games. One of the most popular games that individuals love to play online through Red Tiger is their slot machines. No, surprise there, the one-arm bandit as the slots are nicknamed have long been a popular casino past time. Of the Red Tiger Slots here are the five most popular ones to play online and why they have built such a momentum.

Dragons Luck Red Tiger slots

An adventure to the Orient filled with Dragons awaits those who play this casino slot game. It provides five reels with colorful graphics and 10 ways to win. Endure the dragon’s fire and receive extra bonuses. Offers an option to start playing immediately for free, or make things interesting by starting play for money for huge payouts and jackpot winnings.

Red Tiger slots Dragon's Luck
Dragons’s Luck special symbols

Well of Wishes

Try your luck in an online casino slot machine that provides several features such as their amazing graphics including lucky coins. It provides up to five reels and ten ways to win with a maximum jackpot of over $100,000. As for the lucky coins these are wild and provide players with several chances to win as they literally sprout out of the well as the reels are spinning. These can be collected as the player continues to play collect five and collect free spins as well as cash rewards.

Pirates Plenty Red Tiger slots

Take an ocean adventure to search for sunken treasure in this fun-filled online casino game. Play on up to six reels with the potential of up to 20 pay lines. Full of bonus features such as wild symbols that chalk up free spins. One of the notable wild symbols is the Wild Monkey who will actually steal your symbols with the lowest value. The game is also a visual experience as the graphics really lead a player into the overall experience.

Jackpot Quest

Take a quest of a lifetime through a perilous jungle in a classic comic book adventure. Players can choose from up 6 reels of play with up to 40 pay lines. One of the most desired symbols to get is the Ruby Tailman. This activates several notable bonus features such as the Golden Slot symbol that will provide the highest payment return on all spun symbols. This slot game provides also provides a respin feature that makes it quite addictive to players because it creates numerous hours of play at a low investment.

Thor’s Lightning

An epic adventure in the snowy land of Norse Mythology with incredible 3-D graphics. A 7X7 grid with several winning combinations by matching six or more symbols. Just one win will cause the grid to explode because new symbols will emerge creating another win, to where there is a chance for several wins by one wager on the board. Get the coveted Thor’s signature golden hammer symbol and the payout is 5000 times as much as you wagered. Amazing win! If that’s not enough, the game provides a free spin feature along with several bonuses all of which add to the overall experience.

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