Progressive Jackpots

You may be wondering what exactly is a progressive jackpot? Well, progressive jackpots are the top prizes that can be won on slot machines. You’ll find them at regular and online casinos.

It is called a progressive jackpot because it continues to grow until the jackpots are won. The pot increases after each player pays in (and doesn’t win the jackpot), each portion of that loss gets added to the jackpot total. There is no limit to how high a progressive jackpot can get! Literally millions are to be won! The most popular slots are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. They have the biggest jackpots because of the massive number of players they have.

Progressive jackpots split

Most jackpots are split up into different pods like Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini. The minor and mini can be won more frequently, but with a lower payouts. Mega, and Major are won less frequently but have the biggest payouts. This is what you really want to win. Many people have become millionaires by playing these online casino games. Are you next?? Okay so it is not THAT likely, but it is possible. Somebody has to win, right? Progressive jackpots are won in on bonus rounds while on max bet. Aligning certain symbols are how most are won, but some slots have entirely different ways to win. The jackpot drops then it gets rolled back to minimum, ready to build back up again.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

Progressive jackpots wheel Mega Moolah
Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel

Microgaming’s ultra popular progressive jackpot Mega Moolah is available in most online casinos. It consists of four progressive jackpots; Mini, Minor, Major, and the Mega Jackpot. In 2019 the Mega Jackpot was triggered 12 times, paying out over $79 million to multiple players. It holds the record for a casino paying out for the amount of $20,059,287.27 Canadian to one player, which was the biggest payout in online slots history.

Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpots

Mega Fortune is by a company called NetEnt, an online casino company that started in the mid-1990s in Europe. It is now globally recognized as one of the top companies in online gaming because of its status and popularity. Players have the opportunity to win the Mega Fortune, the middle, Major and the smaller Rapid jackpot. Here’s a great example of a lucky player. A student from Finland won 17.8 million Euro on Mega Fortune along with a few other winners. Hearing about these wins continues to increase the popularity of this game. So of course, more people play and pay into it and the jackpot continues to rise.

Where to play these jackpots

The online jackpot trend won’t slow down because the jackpots continue to grow. Also accessibility is so simple now too. As technology is getting more efficient, more and more people find it more convenient to play online in the comfort of their own home, rather than a trip to a casino in Las Vegas. With only a few cities and countries allowing gambling, you may have limited options anyway. I only see online casino gambling getting bigger with more people joining in. As more people play online, the bigger the pot will be, reaching the 10’s of millions.

Wishing you the best of luck, maybe your next spin will bring the $$$$$$

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